Revenue dismantle illicit cigarette factory in Dublin

Revenue dismantle illicit cigarette factory in Dublin

On Friday, 23/02/2024, as part of an intelligence-led operation and with the assistance of An Garda Síochána and detector dog Milo, Revenue officers searched a premises under warrant in Dublin 11 and closed down an illicit commercial cigarette factory.

Revenue officers discovered more than 1.4 tonnes of raw tobacco, all precursor components for the manufacture of cigarettes and approximately 758,000 illicit cigarettes branded ` Marlboro`, which were ready for distribution. 

The retail value of the seized cigarettes is over €630,000, with a potential loss to the Exchequer of almost €500,000. 

The equipment at the production plant is believed to have had the capacity to produce more than 250,000 cigarettes per hour, along with pre-processing and packaging facilities.

Investigations are ongoing nationally and internationally.

[ENDS 24/02/2024]

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