Revenue eBrief No. 142/23 – iXBRL – 2023 Taxonomies and new mandatory tag

Revenue eBrief No. 142/23

13 June 2023

iXBRL – 2023 Taxonomies and new mandatory tag

Tax and Duty Manual Part 41A-03-01 has been updated:  From 2 September 2023, Revenue will accept iXBRL submissions tagged with the FRC’s 2023 Irish Extension Taxonomies. The EU IFRS taxonomy now contains tags for ‘IFRS 17 – Insurance Contracts’ and these should be used by entities who prepare their accounts in accordance with that standard.

Additionally, Revenue will require that all iXBRL submissions declare the functional / presentation currency of the financial statements using the ‘PrincipalCurrencyUsedInBusinessReport’ tag from 2 September 2023.

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