Revenue eBrief No. 038/23 – Amendments to Revenue Pensions Manual

Revenue eBrief No. 038/23

24 February 2023

Amendments to Revenue Pensions Manual

A number of updates have been made to the Revenue Pensions Manual. The main changes are highlighted below.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • This chapter has been updated to set out the legislation governing the tax treatment of and, contributions to Pan-European Pensions Products (PEPPs)

Chapter 3 – Contributions by Employees

  • Section 3.1 has been updated to include a reference to PEPPs in relation to sources of income and the application of the earnings limit.

Chapter 5 – Funding and Investments

  • Section 5.7 has been updated on review.

Chapter 22 – Pension Adjustment Orders (PAOs)

  • Section 1 has been updated to provide further detail on how a PAO can apply to benefits from a PEPP.

Chapter 26 – Tax Relief for Pension Contributions: Application of Earnings Limit

  • Section 26.2 has been updated to list a PEPP within the relevant TCA provisions which cover the age-related limits on tax relief.
  • The examples have been updated throughout the manual.  

Appendix I, which is a glossary section, has been updated to include relevant benefits from a PEPP within the definition of “retained benefits”.

Appendix III,  which deals with tax relief for pension contributions made in the year of retirement – late elections, has been updated to include such elections made to a PEPP.  

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