Important notice about September claims for TBESS

Important notice about September claims for TBESS

Yesterday (30/1/23), Revenue announced that claims under the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) for the September 2022 claim period can be made by eligible businesses after tomorrow’s deadline. Under the scheme, claims are required to be made within four months of the end of the claim period. Claims in relation to energy bills for September 2022 are, therefore, required to be submitted by 31st January 2023. 

Commenting on the extended period for making claims, Collector-General, Mr. Joe Howley, said:

“We are experiencing increased activity on Revenue’s TBESS claims portal. There is also a significant increase in the volume of phone calls we are receiving on our dedicated TBESS helpline, with the impending deadline being a particular focus of these calls. It is apparent that some businesses are finding it difficult, despite their best efforts, to meet the imminent deadline. Revenue is allowing businesses additional time to submit their claims.

Businesses who have registered for TBESS and who are eligible, are encouraged to access the claims portal via the eRepayments system on Revenue’s Online Service (ROS) and make a claim at the earliest opportunity. As of 30 January, over 18,700 businesses have registered for the TBESS and over 11,200 claims have already been approved. These approved claims have a value of €22.7 million and €18.2 million has already been paid into business bank accounts.”

To assist businesses with making claims, Revenue has published detailed guidance including screenshots on the TBESS claims portal, available in our website. Revenue has also published an ‘Understanding your bill’ guide, to help businesses with identifying bill information required for the purpose of making a claim.

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