Revenue eBrief No. 173/22 – Form CT1 2021 – completion and submission of returns

Revenue eBrief No. 173/22

13 September 2022

Form CT1 2021 – completion and submission of returns

An update to the 2021 Form CT1 was released on August 16th 2022. CT1 files started in ROS offline prior to August 16th and in draft at that date (August 16th) cannot be submitted on ROS without a technical amendment.  Otherwise, the 2021 Form CT1 will need to be redone. 

Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-02-01F – Form CT1 2021 – has been updated to include the details of the technical amendment in a new Appendix 2. Filers are advised that it is important to

  • follow all the steps outlined, and
  • save a copy of the draft Form CT1 before trying the technical amendment.

Queries about this technical amendment can be raised with the ROS Helpdesk.

CT1 files started in ROS online and in draft at August 16th are being fixed by Revenue, and there is no need for customers to do anything with online files (additional information is in Appendix 2).

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