Revenue provides key advice for transport companies and their drivers in advance of 1 January

Revenue provides key advice for transport companies and their drivers in advance of 1 January

Over the course of the last two years Revenue has engaged extensively with businesses, through a wide range of initiatives, to assist them in preparing for Brexit. Today (23/12/2020), Revenue has provided essential information to businesses who intend to transport goods by ferry to, from or through Great Britain from 1 January 2021.

To optimise the efficient movement and, where necessary, control of goods and vehicles, Revenue developed a new Customs Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Service. The new online system provides a range of complementary vital services that will minimise delays, in so far as possible, for goods coming into, and moving out of, Irish ports and involving Great Britain.

The Customs RoRo Service enables transport companies and truck drivers to do the following:

  • Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN): create a PBN before the goods start their journey and in advance of moving to the departure port
  • Customs Channel Look-up: check, prior to disembarking a ferry in Ireland, if a vehicle can ‘Exit the Port’ or is required to ‘Call to customs’, and
  • Customs Check-In: self-check-in at the relevant Customs terminal where a vehicle has received a ‘Call to Customs’ prior to disembarking.

The Customs RoRo Service allows the service user to create a PBN for a journey starting after 11pm on 31 December 2020, the point at which the UK will become a third country for trade purposes on the shared IT services provided by the EU Commission. It is only at that point that Customs declarations can be submitted to Revenue in respect of trade with the UK. As such, for all ferry journeys departing Ireland for Great Britain and departing Great Britain for Ireland that commence after 11pm on 31 December 2020, a valid PBN will be required for all goods being carried by commercial vehicles.

In addition to engaging with the Customs Consultative Committee, ferry operators and haulage trade representative bodies in relation to the new Customs RoRo Service, Revenue has also provided key information and guidance for transport companies and truck drivers to assist them in using the new service, including:

  • A guidance video on how to create a PBN
  • Information leaflets for drivers including a step by step guide on using RoRo Service involving Great Britain
    • Physical copies of the leaflet are currently being distributed to drivers using both Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort
    • The leaflets are available in 11 languages (Irish, English, Dutch, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian and Russian).
  • Detailed website information.

Commenting on the Customs RoRo Service, Revenue’s Director General of Customs, Mr Gerry Harrahill, said:

“Revenue continues to support trade and business in being ready for, and managing, the changes arising from the UK’s departure from the EU. However, it is extremely important that businesses, transport companies and truck drivers know that vehicles moving goods to, from or through Great Britain can only board the ferry if accurate and complete Customs declarations are submitted in advance of moving the goods, if the PBN is completed correctly and the driver has the PBN ID. The Customs RoRo Service facilitates businesses having these procedures in place in advance of moving their goods, minimising the possibility of delays.”

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